Arkansas Geological Commission

Dating back to 1857, AGC’s mission is to develop and provide knowledge of the geology and hydrogeology of the state, to stimulate orderly development and to encourage effective management and utilization of the state's mineral, fossil-fuel and water resources, while protecting the environment. This is accomplished through services which include consultation on water well and septic tank inquiries and water well construction records.  AGC has on file over 145,000 water well construction records, filed by county and township/range, dating from the early 1970’s. 

Other services include geologic mapping on areas of the state where the State Mapping Advisory Committee determines need.  The AGC also provides topographic maps and interpretation, as well as many publications.  Mineral occurrences are developed to the benefit of our state and nation while keeping economic development to the benefit of our people. Service is provided to mineral and fossil fuel companies through geologic interpretation of the state. Natural hazards are identified and noted where protection can be developed and instituted.