Household & Small Business Practices


The following BMPs are adapted from the Clark County Stormwater Quality Management Committee Best Management Practices, 2005 (Clark County Stormwater Quality Management Committee, 2005).

Transportation-Related Washing
Gas Stations, Auto Repair Shops, Auto Body Shops, Car Dealerships, Mobile Fleet Managers, Airplane Maintenance and Mobile Fleet Washing Services.

Surface Cleaning
Building Maintenance Departments, Property Owners, Service Stations, Fast Food Restaurants, Auto Repair Shops, Window Washing Services, Mobile Washing Services

Food-Related Cleaning
Bakeries, Food Producers & Distributors, Grocery Stores, and Restaurants

Domestic Animals, Hobby Farms, Stables
Boarding Stables, Equestrian Centers, Small Farms, and Urban Horse Owners, Kennels

Landscaping, Gardening and Pest Control

Residential Homeowners, Small Businesses, Landscapers, Teenagers taking care of lawns as a summer job, Golf Courses

Household Hazardous Waste
Residential Home Owners

Miscellaneous or Other Non-Point Sources of Runoff

Residential Home Owners, Pool Owners, Carpet Cleaners