Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission

ALPC was created by Act 87 of 1963, and has authority for the control, suppression, and eradication of livestock and poultry diseases and pests, and supervision of sanitation related to livestock and poultry production. In addition, ALPC is responsible for promoting development of Arkansas livestock and poultry industries and for administering regulations pertaining to livestock and poultry production.  With respect to the NPS Management Program, ALPC is responsible for regulation of carcass disposal.  ALPC regulates carcass disposal under two sets of regulations:  Carcass Disposal – Poultry (Act 87 of 1963, Act 150 of 1985, Act 168 of 1985, and Act 20 of 1989) and Regulation for the Disposal of Large Animal Carcasses, Excluding Dogs and Cats (Act 87 of 1963-Code 2-33-101 and Act 150 of 1985-Code 19-6-448).