Lake Conway - Point Remove Watershed - 11110203

Home to approximately 115,000 Arkansans (2000 Census), the Lake Conway-Point Remove (see poster) watershed lies within the Arkansas River Basin in Central Arkansas.  The hydrologic unit code for this watershed is 11110203.  Four watersheds are upstream of Lake Conway-Point Remove:  Dardanelle Reservoir (11110202), Petit Jean (11110204), Cadron Creek (11110205) and Fourche La Fave (11110206).  The Lower Arkansas- Maumelle (11110207) is downstream.

State-Level Map - Lake Conway- Point Remove Watershed-Level Map - Lake Conway- Point Remove Watershed Land Use Map - Lake Conway- Point Remove
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Major Streams 2006 Land Use
(1,144 Square Miles)
  • Arkansas River
  • Beardy Branch
  • Brock Creek
  • Clear Creek
  • Galla Creek
  • Gum Log Creek
  • Harris Creek
  • Hill Creek
  • Isabell Creek
  • Overcup Creek
  • Palarm Creek
  • Point Remove Creek
  • Rocky Cypress Creek
  • Tupelo Bayou
  • Forest: 51.2%
  • Grassland: 25.2%
  • Transitional: 9.4%
  • Cropland: 5.8%
  • Suburban: 4.2%
  • Water: 3.7%
  • Urban: 0.3%

Data Source: CAST

Lake Conway - Point Remove 303d Impaired Streams (what is an impaired stream?)


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