Water Districts and Related Organizations

Water districts and associations are also partners in implementing the 2006-2010 NPS Management Program Update.  Examples of their involvement include but are not limited to:

  • Beaver Reservoir Water District.   The Water District provides treats and sells drinking water to five municipal customers.  The Water District recently hired a director of environmental quality and a director of public affairs to provide education and work with land users in the watersheds of Beaver Reservoir to improve water quality.  A representative of Beaver Reservoir Water District serves on the NPS Management Program Task Force.

  • Southwest Arkansas Water District.  The water district sells water from Millwood Lake to municipalities in a five county area of Arkansas and Texas.  The water district is represented on the board of the Lower Little River Watershed Coalition, sponsors water education days and helps develop curriculum for school age children aimed at increasing awareness of water quality.
  • Arkansas Rural Water Association.  The Arkansas Rural Water Association is working with a watershed organization in the Upper Saline Watershed to develop strategies to reduce sedimentation.