US Geological Service

USGS is the principal federal agency for generating hydrologic information and appraising the nation's water resources. The water resources of Arkansas consist of numerous streams, springs, lakes and aquifer systems. USGS collects stream flow, ground water levels and water quality data throughout the state. These hydrologic data and other data are used in research and hydrologic studies to describe the quantity, quality and location of Arkansas' water resources. The collection, analysis and interpretation of these data are done in cooperation with other federal, state and local agencies, universities, and research centers.   The USGS Arkansas Water Resources website provides a wealth of data and links to research publications that inform the 2006-2010 NPS Management Program Update, such as: 

  • 2004 Annual Data Report by T.H. Brossett, T.P. Schrader, and D.A. Evans (WDR-04-1)

  • Water-Quality Assessment of Lakes Maumelle and Winona, Arkansas, 1991 Through 2003 by Joel M. Galloway and W. Reed Green (SIR 2004-5182)

  • Development of a Traveltime Prediction Equation for Streams in Arkansas by Jaysson E. Funkhouser and C. Shane Barks (SIR 2004-5064)

  • Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in Arkansas by Scott A. Hodge and Gary D. Tasker  Software Disk ( (WRIR 95-4224)

  • Water Quality and Streamflow Gains and Losses of Osage and Prairie Creeks, Benton County, Arkansas, July 2001 by Matthew W. Moix, C. Shane Barks, and Jaysson E. Funkhouser (WRIR 03-4187)

  • Water resources data for the 2002 water year for Arkansas consist of records of discharge and water quality (physical measurements and chemical concentrations) of streams, water quality of lakes, and ground water levels and ground water quality by T.H. Brossett and D.A. Evans  (AR-02-1)

  • Quality of Ozark Streams and Ground Water, 1992-1995 by James C. Petersen, James C. Adamski, Richard W. Bell, Jerri V. Davis, Suzanne R. Femmer, David A. Freiwald and Robert L. Joseph (FS 092-99)

  • Periphyton Communities in Streams of the Ozark Plateaus and Their Relations to Selected Environmental Factors by James C. Petersen, and Suzanne R. Femmer  (WRIR 02-4210)

  • Simulation of Hydrodynamics, Temperature and dissolved oxygen in Beaver Lake, AR 1994-1995 by Brian E. Haggard, and W. Reed Green (WRIR 02-4116)

  • Phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations and loads at Illinois River south of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, 1997-1999 W. Reed Green and Brian E. Haggard (WRIR 01-4217)