Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

ADPT is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all citizens by providing facilities and skilled leadership for the development and safeguarding of natural resources. Conservation of valuable state resources through ADPT policy plays an indirect role in the management of nonpoint source pollution in the following ways:

  • Arkansas State Parks.  The planning and development (P&D) section of Arkansas State Parks designs and reviews designs of professional architectural/engineering consultants for renovations and new construction within the state park system.  P&D also cooperates with regulatory agencies (i.e., Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Arkansas Department of Health, Arkansas Building Authority, International Building Code, etc.) for compliance with environmental laws, rules and regulations.  Some of the regulations considered are: The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969; The Clean Air Act; The Clean Water Act; Executive Order 115114, Protection and Enhancement of Environmental Quality; Executive Order 11288 concerning prevention, control and abatement of water pollution, Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968; Executive Order 11990, Protection of Wetlands; and The Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, etc.

  • SCORP.  The Outdoor Recreation Grants section of Arkansas State Parks prepares the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) identifying outdoor recreation concerns and goals. The Department seeks the input of all interested federal and state agencies when updating the SCORP.  A section of the plan is dedicated to the conservation of natural and cultural resources.  Special consideration is given to wetlands, consistent with the Emergency Wetlands Resources Act of 1986, Section 303.  The Arkansas Multi-Agency Wetland Planning Team (MAWPT) has contributed valuable wetland information for publication in the SCORP.  Applicants seeking grant monies to assist in the development of parks and trails address SCORP issues.

  • Grant Applications.  Staff members of the Outdoor Recreation Grants Program (ORGP) administer grants for the development of local parks and trails.  ORGP coordinates grant projects with the statewide clearing house by requiring Matching Grant Applicants to submit an environmental review with their applications.  Any proposed park or trail development project near a lake, stream, or other water resource must contact the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Stream Team for environmental examination before consideration for a grant award.

  • Environmental Review.  Throughout the state, projects subject to environmental review are examined by ADPT for consideration and commentary.  Projects impacting parks, streams, and wetlands raise concern.  On-site visits are conducted when concerns warrant them.  Comments and recommendations are sent to project applicants and the Arkansas Technical Review Committee.