2005-2010 NPS Management Program Update


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In July 2004, Arkansas Natural Resource Commission, formerly the Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission, invited wide-ranging stakeholders to become part of the NPS Management Program Task Force. Since then, more than 140 persons representing 79 different organizations have participated in the development of Arkansas’ 2005-2010 Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program Update through six meetings of the Nonpoint Source Task Force. Many additional persons participated through individual consultations with agencies, nonprofit organizations and watershed groups as well as through a formal survey of Conservation Districts.

While this stakeholder involvement in collaborative decision making required an extensive investment of time and resources, the extensive public participation in the development of the program generated thoughtful input from the outset, rather than merely public comment at the end of the process. Our hope is that the resulting 2005-2010 Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program Update will lead to more effective implementation and quicker improvement of the quality of the waters of the state.



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