TMDL Development Process

TMDL Development Process

1. Identification of Water Quality-Limited Waters

  • Review water quality standards
  • Evaluate monitoring data
  • Determine if adequate controls are in place

2. Priority Ranking and Targeting

  • Integrate priority ranking with other water quality planning and management activities
  • Use priority ranking to target waterbodies for TMDLs
3. Development of TMDLs
  • Apply geographic approach where applicable
  • Establish schedule for phased approach, if necessary
  • Complete TMDL development

4. Implementation of Control Actions

  • Update water quality management plan
  • Issue water quality-based permits
  • Implement nonpoint source controls (section 319 management plans)
5. Assessment of Water Quality-Based Control Actions
  • Monitor point/nonpoint sources
  • Audit NPS controls for effectiveness
  • Evaluate TMDL for attainment of water quality standards