Urban Stormwater Management


  • EPA has created a new web-based tool to provide stormwater professionals with easy access to approximately 220 studies which assess the performance of over 275 stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs). The tool provides access to studies covering a variety of traditional and low impact BMP types, including retention and detention ponds, biofilters, grassed filter strips, porous pavement, wetlands, and others. Users will also find a series of essays aimed at improving understanding of BMP performance and the importance of volume reduction/infiltration in these assessments. EPA plans to add more studies over the coming year, focusing on expanding the collection of studies of low impact development or green infrastructure BMPs. The Urban BMP Performance Tool can be accessed at http://www.epa.gov/npdes/urbanbmptool

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln- Protecting Your Watershed (pdf, 0.1 mb, issued Feb. 2005)

  • Civil Engineering Foundation and the University of Arkansas- Environmental Technology Verification Report of the Low-Cost Stormwater BMP Study (pdf, 1.8 mb, October 2003)

  • University of Arkansas, Cooperative Extensione Service- Urban Home*A*Syst- What is Runoff? (html, last updated 2/28/06)

  • University of Arkansas, Cooperative Extensione Service- Urban Stormwater Education- What Can I Do? (html, last updated 9/26/06)

  • The Stormwater Manager's Resource Center- Library of Articles from The Practice of Watershed Protection (multiple pdf's, $4 each, choose 'Library' from Left-hand Menu)

  • The Stormwater Manager's Resource Center- Fact Sheets (html, choose 'Fact Sheets' from Left-hand Menu)

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency- National Conference on Urban Stormwater: Enhancing Programs at the Local Level, February 17-20th, 2003- Full Report (pdf, 23 mb)- Division by Topic (multiple pdf's)

  • International Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Database- Features technical documents, software, and database concerning Urban Stormwater Management BMP's  developed over the past decade

  • EPA- Municipal Stormwater Technologies

  • EPA- Preliminary Data Summary of Urban Stormwater Best Management Practices
        • Part A (pdf, 0.5 mb)- Table of Contents, Summary, Introduction and Scope, Existing Storm Water Regulations and Permits
    • Part B (pdf, 0.5 mb)- Environmental Assessment
    • Part C (pdf, 0.8 mb)- Description and Performance of Stormwater Best Management Practices
    • Part D (pdf, 0.8 mb)- Costs and Benefits of Storm Water BMPs
    • Part E (pdf, 0.1 mb)- References and Index
  • EPA - Stormwater BMP Performance webcast featuring nationally known experts. The webcast NPDES website http://www.epa.gov/npdes/npdes-training . EPA's Urban BMP Performance Tool provides detailed information on the state of scientific research into the performance of stormwater BMPs. The instructors discussed a wide variety of factors, including pollutant removal, volume reduction, costs, and many other factors that should be considered when selecting permanent (post-construction) stormwater BMPs. The webcast compares three common BMP types (traditional wet and dry ponds and newer Green Infrastructure techniques, such as bioretention). The presenters discussed the advantages of the Green Infrastructure BMPs, particularly their ability to reduce the volume of stormwater discharged to rivers, lakes, and coastal waters.

  • City of Knoxville BMP Manual (pdf, 14.8 mb, last updated 06-01-06)


  • Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Impaired Waters Data Update here
  • Arkansas’s Final/ Draft Impaired Waterbodies – 303(d) List by Year here
  • AR Water Newsletter, Summer, 2015 here
  • NPS Management Plan here
  • The projects presented at the 2015 annual NPS conference are located here

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